Libra exchange rate

Since the digital currency is not officially released yet, it is hard to accurately tell the exchange rate between Libra and USD right now. However, we can estimate the promotional material provided to us.

1 Libra = 1.04 USD
1 Libra = 19.68 MXN

Since assets contributed to The Libra Association back Libra’s value, I safely say that this would be the initial price to buy Libra at the time of launch. Each member of The Libra Association contributes $10 million to the Libra Reserve. This is held in major world currencies including United States Dollar, Japanese Yen & British Pound. It is The Libra Association’s job to maintain liquidity in the market when there are not enough buyers and sellers. Therefore, the exchange rate would be somewhat stable to other fiat currencies that are backed by central banks.

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